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We handle complex shipping projects that require expertise and all-round, intelligent preparation.

We find the optimal route and construct all essential transport infrastructure

work on project

Freight projects are the most complex type of shipping. Our services include the construction of temporary berths for crane and Ro-Ro unloading of heavy / oversized equipment, construction of temporary roads and bypasses and the strengthening of bridge structures. Not to mention customs clearance and overall project management.

We take care ofOur Services

Freight projects by sea and river

  • cargo is consolidated in the ports of Europe.
  • heavy equipment is transported using special crane vessels, also via The Northern Sea route.
  • cargo shipped via inland waterways of Europe and Asia on river-sea vessels and barges / pontoons. Ro-Ro loading / unloading also available.
  • complete development of cargo plans, cargo fastening schemes and loading / unloading methods.

Worldwide freight

Road transport of superheavy cargo

  • we can set up transportation of cargo with a unit weight of up to 1300 tons
  • project development for heavy super-oversized equipment freight, coordination with road / police departments, attainment of shipping permits.
  • roads and routes surveyedrand tracked, including any bridges and other manmade structures that could present challenges.

Railway transportation of oversized equipment

  • organization of cargo freight with a unit weight of up to 500 tons using specialized rail transporters;
  • careful selection of the optimal type of rail transporter and the preparation and planning of loading schemes;
  • railway transport of super oversized cargo (when exceeding the dimensions of the clearance diagram);

Complex «turnkey» projects

  • we work out all the logistics and plans of door-to-door shipping
  • broad scope of operation (Europe, Asia, Russia, CIS, hard-to-reach locations)
  • entire custom convoy (BTT, clearance, classification solutions)

Our approachProject realization

  1. Processing the input

    This step requires a detailed project description detailing the following information: weight and dimensions of the cargo, date of dispatch, loading venue, drawings of heavy and oversized equipment, destination point coordinates, any client preference regarding the order of delivery.

  2. Developing a logistical solution

    Basing on the project input, we determine an optimal and unique transportation plan. Logistics takes into account criteria such as the speed of delivery or transportation costs, simultaneously ensuring safety and quality remain unchanged.

  1. Project implementation and control

    The key stage is the cargo shipping. Our in-depth preparation during the previous steps enables us to deliver the shipment safely and on time.

  2. Preparation time

    Normally, preparation for a project starts one year in advance. It takes time to prepare engineering documentation, coordination with state and private organizations, the construction of transport infrastructure and completing all the required documentation for customs clearance.

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