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One of our specialties is the delivery of oversized and heavy cargoes, such as drilling rigs or tower cranes. We plan these projects individually and prepare the necessary infrastructure and special equipment required for the journey of the non-standard cargo.

We create and execute solutions for complex projects, from planning to unloading

Complex projects

Oversized heavy cargoes require the most complex type of logistics and support. To find the optimal solution for the transportation of such freights, it is important to understand the full potential of all means of transport, as well as the legislation of the countries that the cargo will pass through.

Our servicesEquipment

Auto vehicles and special equipment:

  • regular trucks (13.6×2.48×2.68 m (90 m3)) and Mega trucks of up to 120 m3;
  • low-frame trawls with a spread of up to 20m and a lifting capacity of up to 100 tons;
  • low-frame trawls with a perimeter bed of up to 80 tons;
  • specialized modular trailers with a capacity of up to 250 tons;
  • modular axles (towed and SPMT) up to 1.400 tons;
  • special equipment for navigating bridges or viaducts (girder bridge).

Rail freight transport:

  •  various freight cars with carrying capacities of 55-500 tons (boxcars, flatcars, gondolas, hoppers).


  • transportation of containers by sea / ocean or «break bulk» (Asia, USA, Europe);
  • sea transportation on European lines (ferries) in Northern and Southern Europe;
  • cargo transportation on ships equipped with cranes (gear vessels) and with cranes of a carrying capacity of up to 1.400 tons;
  • shipping on river-sea-class vessels (Europe, CIS countries), including carriage by inland waterways;
  • river transport by inland waterways of Europe;
  • river transport by inland waterways of the CIS countries on barges ranging from 300 to 5,000 tons (bilge type, barge-sites and specialized pontoons for Ro-Ro loading / unloading).

Special equipment for special freights


  1. Data collection and analysis

    Preparation is the key stage when transporting oversized heavy cargo. It can take as long as 6-12 months to organize and plan for super heavy and oversized freights.


    In order to determine the optimal logistical solution, it’s essential to know the following data:

    — Cargo characteristics (dimensions, weight, transport drawings, photos, any special conditions of carriage);

    — The Route, place of departure, destination and estimated time of shipment (plus the season of the year).

  2. Building the route

    Based on this initial input, we will find the optimal route in terms of cost, complexity and speed. Considering the requirements of a client, we suggest one or a selection of shipment options and assess the risks of each possibility.

    For instance, in case of oversized heavy cargo, railway transport is a good fit because it is capable of shipping cargoes of up to 500 tons. However, there are strict rules regarding railway shipments, so it’s critical to choose the right type of railcar. On the other hand, sea and river vessels can transport cargoes of heavier weights and larger dimension. The drawback is that aquatic transportation is limited due to navigational period and depths. This method also requires a coastal infrastructure for loading and unloading operations.

  3. Freight transport

    Thorough planning and a well-thought out logistical shipment scheme will enable the timely delivery of heavy oversized cargo. Risks will be minimized and no extra costs incurred.

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