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Every month we ship dozens of consolidated freights. Thanks to our large fleet of vehicles and expansive partner network, we can deliver even small batches of goods at reasonable rates.

Delivering ‘Less than Container Loads’


We consolidate freights in Germany (Oberhausen) and ship them across Russia, the CIS and many other countries.

CIS: Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Armenia, Ukraine, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Turkmenistan.

Other countries: Poland, Georgia, Mongolia, Turkey, Iran.

WE DOpaperwork and transit

Delivery time

The average transit time of a groupage freight is 8-11 days. Upon request, we will also complete urgent deliveries. Whatever your deadline, you’ll always receive a daily status update on the cargo.

Execution of documents

Poorly prepared documents are the main reason for delays at border control points. It’s critical to ensure that they are filled out thoroughly and correctly.

We will save you the trouble and prepare all the required papers including export documents, cargo insurance and applications for necessary permits.

What’s the benefit of groupage

1. A few freights in one truck. We transport consolidated cargos for our clients on a regular basis.

2. Full truck load. There is no empty loading space remaining, for which you would otherwise have to pay.

3. Shipping cost is shared. As a result, you receive a better rate. For instance, the approx. cost of transporting one pallet from Rotterdam to Moscow is 275 Euro.

Delivery of small quantities of goods without overpaying

Have small freights shipped without overpayment!

Working with GUS-TRANS, you don’t get just point A to B delivery, but a personal touch and the local expertise of a dedicated team that loves their craft.

Our processDealing with groupage

  1. Steps

    1. We collect the cargo and bring it to GUS-TRANS stock for consolidation.

    2. Lay out and organise the truck loading scheme, taking into account the unloading venues and customs сontrol points in order to effectively deliver each freight to the respective client or warehouse.

    3. Select a truck that can depart in 24h or in the time window agreed with the client.

    4. Thoroughly check the data in the documents of the sender and prepare a complete set of transport documents for each shipment. This ensures that there is no delay when crossing borders and customs clearance points.

    5. Update the truck drivers on the route and delivery details.

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