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Customs clearance is a mandatory part of international cargo transportation. When travelling from the exporting country, it is essential to correctly execute the export documents for the cargo. In the importing country to settle all customs formalities for the cargo import.

GUS-TRANS manages the entire process of customs clearance:


The timely preparation of customs documents is the key to successful customs clearance and compliance with delivery deadlines. Therefore, we pay special attention to the completion of commodity-accompanying and export-import documentation.

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Customs declaration

  • registration of export customs documents from the European Union (EX, T1, etc.);
  • submission of export and import declarations in electronic form;
  • preparation and attainment of classification solutions for project cargoes within the framework of a single FEACN code with minimization of customs payments;
  • execution of transit declarations (customs transit);
  • organization of Temporary Customs Zones and customs clearance «from the wheels».

Shipping on DDP terms

DDP means «Delivered, Duty Paid». If the terms of the warranty service require you to deliver new parts for defective equipment at your own expense, the delivery of the goods and the accompanying customs clearance will be carried out according to DDP.

The specialist professionals of GUS-TRANS will take care of all customs clearance issues and ensure efficient support for your cargo.

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