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Privacy Policy

We store and use this personal data to be able to serve you as our customer, and to contact you with regards to our services.

We hold the following company details within our CRM-system and our Office 365 platform:

  • Company Name
  • Company Address (including all site locations)
  • Company Contacts (Buyers/Sales/Accounts/Management etc)
  • Various telephone numbers and fax numbers as supplied by you
  • Various email addresses as supplied by you
  • VAT Number
  • Bank Account Details

Your company details are also backed up and stored off-site for security and loss prevention purposes. The information stored in the Data Centre can only be used for restore purposes by our company. As such, we are the only party who can access this data.

We use data relating to your business to facilitate our daily contact with your company, as well as for general correspondence. Visbeen will never pass on or sell this information without your permission.

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