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Back on the (Reverse) Silk Route


Old concept, new approach

China’s transport officials have rallied over recent years to revive the old Silk Route concept — this time in the form of an efficient high-speed railroad connection. And while being state-of-the-art, it has the exact same goal — to optimize trade logistics between East and West, and so effectively unleash vast business potential.

Since 2011, transport times have been cut in half. With an average transit time of 13 days from terminal to terminal, and 22 days from door to door, Chinese trade opportunities have become even more appealing. The available terminals are: Zhengzhou —->Hamburg; Wuhan —> Duisburg/Hamburg, Chongqin ->Duisburg and v.v.


With this New Silk Route, China has created a true win-win situation for all parties involved — for itself, as well as its Western European trade partners.

China’s exportable offerings (especially in electronics) seem inexhaustible while West European exporting is also on the rise.

A picture of railway A picture of railway

Choosing the right partner

Of course, as logistical specialists who have connected East and West for many years, we at GUS-TRANS are at the forefront of these developments. Which means you’ll benefit from our (always up-to-date) expertise: such as shipping, for example, directly from China to Russia instead of rerouting through Western Europe...

It’s this kind of know-how that gives your business the advantage of working with a time-served specialist. Additionally, as a provider that offers a full-service spectrum, we handle most of your logistical needs — which means you’ll enjoy an uncluttered and worry-free shipping experience.

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